Saturday, August 02, 2008

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Our friend Chris, turned us on to this local band, The Dimes. Side note, the lead singer lives in Chris' neighborhood. We like them a lot, even though one of them lives in West Vancouver near a friend of ours, and we thought we would share them with you. A local radio station, Kink FM 102, hosts a Noon Tunes Summer concert series. It's a free show put on by Kink in Pioneer Courthouse Square in Downtown Portland. This past Thursday The Dimes were the featured artist, so after swim lessons we grabbed some lunch and headed down to enjoy the show. It was a beautiful day and The Dimes brought a good size crowd to the Square. Here are a few pictures and a short video. Oh, by the way, Johnny is Chris' neighbor. All right, all right, I'll stop telling you all that Johnny is Chris' neighbor. On with the show!!

Jackson, Noah and Joel

Oliver clapping and cheering after one of the songs.

A lot of Dimes fans in Portland!

Here are the band members, I took their job descriptions right from the CD and their Myspace page...

Johnny Clay: Vocals, Guitars, Pianos, Melodica, Glock and everything else

Jake Rahner: Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Stomping, Taco Bell

Pierre Kaiser: Guitars, Vocals, Moog, Foghorn Tape Loops, Tornado Noises

Ehren Ebbage: Lap Steel, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Long Walks on The Beach

Ryan Johnston: Bass, Vocals, Synths, Static, Dancing

About 45 seconds of the last song, there were a lot of people in the crowd singing along too.


grandma ricki said...

The free outdoor concerts are always the best. And it looks like you had perfect weather for it. Oh, by the way- doesn't one of the guys in the band live close to a friend of yours??????

Suz... said...

Brandon says "listen again!" over and over

Bre says "those boys sing funny"