Saturday, August 09, 2008

Riddle of The Day

So maybe it's not so much a riddle as it is natural progression of events in a house constantly full of boys! Here we go...

1) An innocent marshmallow minding it's own business, what did it ever do?2) A, not so innocent, boy looking a bit mischievous!

3) A sling shot being stretched to it's extreme in the hands of boy.

4) Innocent marshmallow being shot over wall into family room where a friend lies in wait for said marshmallow missile to appear. (Marshmallow is directly above Noah's head, see it?)

5) Boy encourages friend to, "give it a try!" So friend launches one too! (See this one? It's just to the left of the heating register it had just ricocheted off of the ceiling.)


Suz... said...

Nice, Noah Wayne!! Those marshmallows didn't stand a chance!

grandma ricki said...

Apparently, that's what marshmallows and short walls are for...good one Noah!

Queen of Qwerk said...

This is what happens when you have a house full of boys!! Hey, when you think about it, these boys were really smart. They got to use the sling shot, in the house no less, and there was no damage or blood! Great idea Noah Wayne. But then, no surprise from the brainster