Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Twilight Criterium

Last Friday, the 8th, we went down to the Twilight Criterium that happens in the North Park Blocks of Portland. Even if you don't bike much this is fun race to watch. I'm sure I've talked about criteriums before so I'll save you the details. Although the pictures convey the speed at which these guys fly around the course I also included a video just to make sure you get a feel for the race. We sat on the corner of 8th and Everett this year, corners are always fun to sit at during these races. We saw 4 or 5 crashes this year - talk about making your heart race! Come join us next year!!

That big streak there, that is a racer flying by us.

The pack coming around the corner, you could hear them changing gears, see them hammering down hard to hit the straight away and the sound that always made me cringe a little...their pedals hitting the pavement. Between them leaning into the turn and the condition of the road those pedals were scraping more often than I cared for!

Just a silly shot of Noah at the race but you can see the bikers flying by behind him. Just another perspective on the race.

This is a video of the racers coming around the corner we were sitting at.


mauricia1 said...

Holy rolly Bikeman!!

Suz... said...

Bre says "they're faster than lightening!"
Thanx for sharing...

grandma ricki said...

Makes me cringe just thinking about the pedals scraping the road on the corners...those are some crazy people!