Tuesday, September 02, 2008

And Then There's This Kid

The youngest of the family...he started this morning off by screaming at me, "I NEED BUS LIKE BROTHER MOM MOM!" He is determined to not be left behind this year. I'm not sure what got him going this morning about the bus but he was relentless for quite a while. Lately, he has also been waking up an hour to two hours before he normally does and waking up once a night, which he normally does not do. He's been fighting a cold, I think he and Noah are passing it back and forth, and I also suspect he may be having some scary dreams. Needless to say, he's been a bit grumpy lately and no matter what I do or say a nap is out of the question. It all caught up to him this afternoon and this is how I found him...

In his "tunnel" fast asleep, see his cute little foot sticking out?

In case you missed the foot in the above picture.

So peaceful, MUST enjoy it while I can.


Suz... said...

that boy is looong! And did I mention that he's simply adorable?!

grandma ricki said...

AAAAAWWWWWW!!!!! So cute!!! Tunnels make the best place to sleep. All snuggly- can't help but fall asleep, especially if you're not feeling very good. Feel better, Ollie!!

Queen of Qwerk said...

See, I keep telling you he is an angel! OK, more noticably when he
is sleeping...but an angel none the less!