Saturday, September 13, 2008

Human Glow Stick

Oliver and I went to the store the other day to get him some new pajamas. He is very opinionated in pj fashion so I let him pick out his three favorite. The first picture is him showing off his new jammies. When we went to bed last night and turned out all the lights I started laughing because that particular set glows in the dark - a lot! He looked like a human glow stick. Every single animal is outlined in glow in the dark stuff. I've taken many trips to the bathroom this morning so he could close the door, turn off the lights and show me his pajamas. I knew that even with a tripod I wouldn't get a good picture because the little man can't stand still so I just opened up the aperture as far as possible and slowed the shutter speed way down. The blurry, overly dark, second picture was the best that I could do. It's hard to see but he really wanted to share!

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grandma ricki said...

This is hilarious! How did you ever get him to sleep with glowing pj's on??? Guess that's one way to get them into their jammies...What great pj's Ollie!!! Good choice.