Saturday, November 08, 2008

B is for Bathtub

My two boys are very different, Noah is much more logical and analytical where as Oliver is more fly by the seat of your pants and just have fun sort of kid. When Noah was 3 he was much more interested in numbers, letters, books, etc. than Oliver is now at almost the same age. Noah could say the alphabet and count to at least 20 and Oliver, he could really care less. For the longest time if I tried to sneak in a number or letter lesson, Oliver would stop in his tracks and very seriously say, "NO! Mama." I still got those lessons in here and there but it has been tough! Lately, he has FINALLY started to show an interest in learning. I got him a great workbook that he loves to go through at least once a day but it still has to be on his terms, I can't initiate the learning. One of the places that he loves to practice his letters is the bathtub and I work with what he gives me...I just hope that I don't have to figure out how to make a portable bathtub for him to take to preschool next year!

He picks the letter out of the water and tells me what it is.
I confirm or correct the letter, tell him what sound it makes then I say words that begin with that letter.
Dog, duck, donut, until he decides which word he likes best that day.
"Ummm, D duck mama!"

Then he lays them all on the edge of tub to make sure we don't miss any.

After all the letters, except for the missing M, have been done we toss the lot back into the water except for six very special letters.
Oh how that boy loves his name!


Janet said...

Great pictures!!! Next time have him hold up an "O" & get his picture through it! Its fun to teach our young sponges...but also very challenging! I used to "sing" a lot of what i was trying to teach. I also heard "DON'T SING" quite a bit! ; )

Suz... said...

Brandon tells me not to sing, too. These are great pictures. Good job, mom, being creative.

Elite Stitches said...

"C" is for CUTE!!

Queen of Qwerk said...

That looks like a new set of tub toys. I REEEAAALLLYY like those.
Tell Ollie he will have to show those to Gammy when I come over.

Tubo Family said...

Such a cutie! Thanks for the idea of what to do with that letter set--we have that same one tucked away somewhere.