Saturday, November 01, 2008

Halloween Night! BOO!

Halloween night was fun and kept pretty simple! We had one more MASSIVE pumpkin to carve. It was Noah's pumpkin from Gammy's pumpkin patch. Joel was stuck at work so I gave Noah the tools and told him to go for it. He asked for help twice...once to get the lid off after he cut it out and again when he reached into the guts and found a semi-moldy part. It grossed him out and made me clean out that part. I think he did a really good job. We had a quick dinner after the pumpkin carving then painted up their faces. Noah wanted me to do the base, ghostly white base and dark eyes so he looked dead then a little bit of blood. He decided that he needed something else and added the lines himself. Oliver, not to be left out, demanded that he get his face painted too. Talk about a dream come true for Noah! Noah did all of the face paintings on Oliver. I believe there is the word boo, a spider or two and a star. We then headed out for trick or treating. Wow! Our neighborhood was crazy busy with kids last night. It's usually a popular area but last night seemed to be amped up a bit. When Joel finally got paroled from work he had to stop on the way home and pick up more candy. We hooked up with a bunch of neighbor kids and went out for about 90 minutes worth of begging for candy.

Seriously, that is a huge pumpkin!
I love that the fall colors are peaking in the window.
All done!

I asked Noah to pick his favorite picture of him and this is the one he chose. I wanted one that you could see his entire face but I was vetoed. I'm still not sure what to call Noah's costume. He was constantly changing his mind and finally just pieced this together. A ghouly, ghostly, grim reeper-ish, executioner...who knows but he liked it!

I gave in and bought Oliver a Spiderman costume. It was 40% off of $10 so for $6 the little man had a great Halloween. The poor people that we trick or treated though, every time they would open the door we would scream, "I'M SPIDERMAN!!"

I think this was the second house and the mask is already off!

Oliver was incredible last night. Not only did he grasp the entire concept of trick or treating but he hung right in there with the bigger kids. He kept up the entire night and never asked to be carried. As a matter of fact, two of the older kids asked to go home before he did. The closest thing to a complaint that came out that boy's mouth was, "I really thirsty mom-mom!"

Check out that pile of candy, then check out the look on Oliver's face. He was very concerned that I had dumped it all into one pile. I reassured him that the pile was to be shared then all was well.



Suz... said...

what a great night guys!! that's quite a stash. Noah, save some of the good pieces for your little brother (but just a couple...he won't know the difference.) :)

grandma ricki said...

Great costumes, guys! You did a great job painting faces Noah!