Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Why Wait Until December 24th?

This beautiful scarf is one of the first offerings from, Elite Stitches, a blog created by Ricki (Joel's mom) so that you may purchase her beautiful creations. So there are no excuses for you procrastinators, these would make a perfect gift! Feel free to pass her blog website http://elitestitches.blogspot.com/ onto your friends and family. I will add her to my blog links on the side.

I also know of another very talented person, Beth, that has her own Etsy shop. She too has some incredible offerings that would make perfect gifts for that someone special. Her items are also handmade and in my opinion beautiful. Sampler Patterns, Jewelry and Paper Cuttings - unique gifts that could make someone very happy on Christmas morning!


Elite Stitches said...

Thanks Tiff! And I'm going to implement your suggestions so ordering will be so easy nobody will have an excuse... (chuckle)

farmgirl beth said...

I promise I didn't put her up to it... Thanks, Tiffany! It was a nice surprise to find this post tonight. :)

Feel free to use any of the photos from my site, or from my blog.