Monday, February 02, 2009

Does Ben See His Shadow?

My little brother was born on Groundhogs Day a few years ago. He has grown into a great guy but I'm still his big sister. With that being said, I'd first like to say,


Then I'd like to say thanks for being such a great uncle to Noah and Oliver. They both adore you.

Finally, I'd like to share these with my blog readers...

I can not tell you how much this picture makes me laugh!
I did this to my brother a lot.

Always one to stand up for what is right, here he is protecting my sister from the bad guys.
Another picture that makes me laugh because it's funny and sweet.

And, even though I didn't know it at the time, this is why I joined our local Girl Scouts troop. I think he wears it well don't you?
(laughing and wiping tears from my eyes)
Can you imagine this would become a well respected hockey coach and teacher?

Love you Ben and again HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Love, Your Big Sister
(I am soooo gonna get it!)


The Pyryt Nest said...

Too cute! Happy Birthday,Ben!

Elite Stitches said...

Happy Birthday, Ben!! And Tiff, if you're going to get it, at least you will go out in style!! How funny!

Queen of Qwerk said...

OMG-3 of my favorite pictures-3 of the classics - my 3 babies.
Laughing but sobbing. I miss you all so much!

Amy said...

Oh my goodness Tiff - how I remember you all that age. Time flies. The 1st pic of you standing behind Ben . . . I soooo see Noah in you in that sliver of face pic of you.

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Anonymous said...

Please pass Birthday wishes on to Ben. I am very proud of his accomplishments.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to ask: Does the dress still fit him? ;-)


Shana said...

Those were great! A little blast from the past! Thanks!