Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pillow Fights, Piggy Backs and Paul Bunyan

I love, love, love the days that my boys play well together. With them being 5 years apart it doesn't always happen. An annoying little brother and a pesky big brother don't always play nice.

Nothing like a good ol' fashion pillow fight. It was cracking me up though because Noah fought almost the entire time with one hand in his pocket. Oliver kept yelling, "come on brudder!" Then he would run at Noah and just end up knocked down again. They were both having a good time.

Paul Bunyan? or Big Foot? You decide.

Oliver asked for a piggy back ride and Noah obliged.


The Pyryt Nest said...

Maybe it was all the girlscout cookies they ate? You should come get them some more!

Janet said...

It looks like so much fun!
& I love the paul "bunyan" (pun intended?) ; ) pic...
but the last shot is PERFECT!! That one should be framed! "He's not heavy...he's my brother"!! LOVE IT!

Suz... said...

good times for sure!! funny you posted about pillow fights...the kids and I had a knock-down pillow fight the other night and Brandon keeps saying "I want to hit you again mommy!"

Elite Stitches said...

Hey Noah- very fair of you to give Ollie a fighting chance by putting you other hand in your pocket...Funny you posted this- I made a video of a pillow fight Su & the kids had on Saturday (must be something in the air...) They were laughing so hard they could barely stand up. In fact, Su was on the ground most of the time. Fun times!!

Queen of Qwerk said...

BIG Brudder = BIG Feet
What a great pair (of boys and feet)