Monday, February 16, 2009

Pictures from the Park

We went to Crystal Springs Rhododendron Gardens in Portland today. We brought along a bunch of cracked corn to feed the ducks and geese and had a great time. It was a brisk day but the sun was out. After the walk through the gardens we went to Hopworks Urban Brewery for some delicious food (add this one to the list Janet!), with John and his boys. Remember to click on the pictures for a larger view if desired...

This guy met us just inside the front gate. I think he was a bit upset that we only had cracked corn for the water fowl and not a pocket full of peanuts.

Wood Ducks are beautiful!

Lots of geese there today.

This red bush had a bunch of little feathers in it.

Got my ducks, er I mean geese, in a row.

We were all focused on the water fowl and we heard, "Um, don't worry, I okay." We turned and saw this. He was smiling so we took his word for it.

Why is it that the ones with the most energy are the ones asking for and getting rides?

Not sure what these were but they smelled incredible.

I love this boy!

Last year's leaf held up to the sun.
Noah and I found it fascinating.


The Pyryt Nest said...

What a beautiful day. I wish I could have joined you. Those purple flower are hellebores (lenten or christmas rose). If you have a shady spot in your yard, you can take one of the starts that are sitting by my front door.

Janet said...

How funny...I was looking at the pics before I started reading & thought...ADD THIS TO OUR LIST...& you had ALREADY read my mind! Of course you were talking of food...but add the park too!!
I love Ollie laying on the ground...I OK! My girls were the same, we'd hear a thump..& then, "I'm ok"! Made us laugh every time!
YOU HAVE FLOWERS? NOW?!?! I am so confused by your weather! Great pics..of the ducks, the geese in a row (FUNNY), piggyback ride, Noah! All good!
Can I have a hellebore too!!?

Shana said...

Ducks in a row! HAHA! I laughed outloud which always gets me some interesting stares at work!

Johnson Family said...

I DO have a shady spot and would love some of those. We missed you too and sorry the timing didn't work out with the boys but we did get to eat at Hopworks with them and that was fun!

Yes, we do have flowers. Even though we've been getting more snow than usual, it never sticks around much. Our spring blooms are starting to bud and bloom. I can't wait for more! I'll see what I can do about the hellebore.

Suz... said...

loved these pics...looks like you had a great time. Question, though...what is cracked corn? I've never heard of it before. I laughed at Shana's comment...I get funny looks sometimes, too, when I'm reading your blog and something strikes my funny bone. :)

Johnson Family said...

You can find cracked corn at the feed store or even in the bird seed aisle at the grocery store. It's basically dried kernels of corn that have been broken up or cracked into tinier pieces.

Queen of Qwerk said...

What great pictures Sis! I especially like that very interesting critter with the red vest on the rocks! Wonderful shot of your eldest too! Gees he looks like Ben!