Thursday, February 05, 2009

Early Valentines Gift

The boys each received a box from Gammy yesterday. I, according to Noah and Oliver, TORTURED the two of them by making them wait until I was done with the phone call I was on before opening their gifts. THEN I made them wait even longer so that I could get my camera. I was not popular.
Can we open them yet?

Ready, set, go! They tore into them like mad men. It took Oliver a little bit longer than his more practiced brother so he was just getting through the clothes at this point. Noah has already pushed most of his clothes aside and has found the candy and other goodies inside.

Checking out all of the cool stuff, notebooks, markers, candy, clothes, etc. Oliver's favorite was the little calculator. It's been a calculator, a computer, a cell phone and some sort of space age weapon all in just under 24 hours.

This was just a sweet picture that I caught of my Noah Wayne.

Thank you Gammy!
We love you very much.
Love, Your Boys


Queen of Qwerk said...

I am glad they liked the goodies.
Hope you liked the clothes.

Queen of Qwerk said...

That is a pretty sweet picture of my eldest grannyboy!

Elite Stitches said...

I have to say, Noah looks like he really IS being tortured!! How dare you make them wait to open their boxes! Too cute!
Grandma Ricki