Thursday, March 19, 2009

Karate School Demonstration

This Saturday, the 21st at 7pm is another Kanthak Karate all school demonstration at Shahala Middle School. If you are around we'd love to have you join us! With each belt advancement Noah gets, he has to work harder and work longer to advance to the next level. However, to let the kids know that they are on track and doing well Mr. K, with each school demonstration, holds a belt ceremony. Last ceremony Noah earned his junior green belt, this time he earned a black stripe to put onto his belt. He is well on his way to his solid green belt. Just in case you can't make it to the demo, here are a few pictures of them practicing and then of Noah getting his black stripe.

Brush, Punch!

Overlapping arm, choke hold escape Noah just got done with the forehand punch portion of this move.

Noah doing the step swing-kick. It's a bit blurry but you can see just how high he can kick. His foot is as high as his partner's head.

Mr. K putting the black stripe onto Noah's belt.

Mr. K expects and demands respect from every single student, even when congratulating them on a job well done.

Group photo and somehow Noah ended up in the front and not blocked by another student!


Anonymous said...

I'm really impressed with that kick young man. You keep up the good work, you're doing great. Please have your folks give us a heads up for your next demo and we'll try to be there. Love, G-Pop

Suz... said...

Noah Wayne you rock!! these are awesome's obvious you put a lot of effort and training into your karate...mucho good!

Elite Stitches said...

Congratulations, Noah! Another milestone completed! You're doing awesome! Have fun at the demonstration tonight!
Grandma Ricki

Janet said...

Very cool!! Noah...that is awesome! Congrats! Your mom got some great action shots of you too!