Thursday, March 26, 2009


It's not common to catch me in front of the camera, but I'm taking it easy these days. Some might say that I'm not sitting around enough but my lower back and behind beg to differ! Plus the fact that Grandma Ricki, who is here from AZ to help me around the house, has gotten a few pictures of me says a lot!!
Noah and I rockin' the Guitar Hero!
Do you like my jeans? I was just dressing the part.

Joel, Noah and I relaxing on the couch.

Okay, I'm sitting in this picture but making orzo salad with my boy is not tough work at all. He is helping me rough chop the dried cherries - yum!
Want the recipe?


Suz... said...

Yes! I want the recipe...please...and did you take any pictures? I LOVE your food picture portfolio...always looks so yummy.

I'm SO glad you are feeling good! And it's good to see the pics to prove it. ;)

Elite Stitches said...

The salad is truly very yummy!! (Su, by the way- I have the recipe)
: )

Anonymous said...

It's Good to finally see Miss Tiff on her Blog Page.
Auntie K.

Janet said...

I HAVE THOSE SAME JEANS!! We could start our own band! I love FINALLY seeing you in the blog. & you look like you are doing & felling GOOD! Glad to see it!