Saturday, July 10, 2010

Didn't Do Much

I asked Joel what he wanted for his 40th birthday and he said, "A weekend away with you, no kids." So while I save up for that his birthday celebration was kept very simple. I gave the kids away for the night, Noah to Jackson's and Oliver to Gammy's, then we met up with a friend for a couple of beers, had a quick burger at the local burger joint then came home. I whipped up the frosting for his, per request, carrot cake that had now cooled enough, slapped 3 candles on top (1 for birthdays past, 1 for birthday present and 1 for birthdays future) and demanded he make a wish. Nothing too spectacular for the big 4-0 but he claims to have enjoyed himself.

Happy Birthday Joel!
(look, no sprinkles!)

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