Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Duck, Duck, Cute!

Oliver and I made a quick trip down to the "train park" on Monday and found ourselves some cute little additions to the area...

Oliver, look at the mama duck and her babies!
Just out for a stroll, checking the place out.

They all got to his ledge and I started to laugh because a couple of them acted like they were going to jump. It was almost as if mama duck said something because they all stopped dead in their little webbed feet tracks. Similar to when I yell at my boys to stop or look both ways before crossing a street. She is a good mama duck making sure her babies are safe.

As soon as mama jumped in, all the babies quickly followed.

Once they were in the water, we walked over to another viewing area and watched them all swim around for a while.

I had just asked mama duck if she was proud of her beautiful babies...

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