Sunday, July 04, 2010

Early 4th Pictures

I work tonight so we put together a last minute barbecue yesterday, had some friends over. We had a great time! At the end of the night the boys decided to set off just a few of the fireworks that they have, the rest will be lit tonight. And Tori, don't worry, I'm trying to put something special together of the pictures I got of you.

Yes, that is my 4 year old, with a lighter, lighting his first firework.
It was a Monster Truck!
Noah G. enjoying the helicopter.

Fireworks are serious business!

I love sparkler pictures, this is Oliver.

Noah G's sparkler.

So this isn't the best sparkler that I have of Noah but I love that it looks like he has a ring of fire around his head/neck.

Mortars go boom!

The last firework of the night, the rest are in the garage waiting for it to get dark.

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