Friday, September 10, 2010

Annual Kanthak Karate Water Fight

The annual water fight and picnic happened again in August. The entire Kanthak Karate school and their family and and friends are invited to come and enjoy the end of summer blast. The turn out this year was kind of small but it was still a lot of fun and everyone got WET. A few of my favorite pictures from the day...

Looking way too dry!
Mr. B locked and loaded.

Group photo before all the water wars began.

Noah and Mr. K soaking each other with the Water-Zookas.

Mr. K always wears his SpongeBob shorts for the water fight.

Kenny and Noah showing Mr. B how it's done.

Oliver was in the middle of it all too.

Mr. B getting back at Noah.

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KanthakKarate said...

Hi Guys-
Can't wait to do it again next year! Looking forward to Noah being "Mr. J" !
Mr. K & Mr. B