Monday, September 27, 2010

Rite of Passage

Or maybe we should call it, "Rite of Passenger." Fine, I'm probably the only one laughing at that but someone has to laugh at my ridiculous puns. The Nissan was recently sold to another human willing to take on it's repairs and quirks and in its place appeared a motorcycle. A Suzuki Boulevard that Joel now uses to commute to and from work. Noah decided, much to my pleasure, to join the Festival Choir that will meet for one month, before school, culminating in a performance in November. Well, my crazy work hours means that getting up an hour early, even if only for a month, would just about do me in. I asked Joel to take Noah to choir practice before heading to work and he agreed. With Joel commuting on 2 wheels instead of 4 we decided to go ahead and let Noah ride too. The sales clerk at the Pro shop gave me an odd look when I asked to see the inexpensive youth riding helmets. He hesitantly asked, "what do you mean by inexpensive?" Now I know that good riding helmets are not cheap but what I didn't want to be shown were the radio equipped, blue tooth enabled, gold plated, near extinct Peruvian animal lined, can turn into a small shack to provide shelter kind of helmet. I just wanted a good helmet to protect my boys head. Anyway, we got the boy a helmet and when we got home he and Joel went out for a test ride. Noah was taught how to properly put on and fasten his helmet, how to help Joel as a passenger (what to do and what not to do while on said motorcycle), how and where to hold on, where to put his feet, etc. Soon enough they were on their way and Noah did great! Nothing like a ride on Dad's motorcycle to start off your school day! I am wondering what other before-school activities Noah may sign up for now?

Oliver watching closely so when he finally gets a helmet and a chance to ride with dad, he too, will be ready to go!

Noah giving me and Joel the thumbs up.

And they're off...
...and there they go.