Monday, September 20, 2010


So my sister started to tell me about this 7 year old dog that needed home and she was thinking about giving him one. Only problem was when she asked her hubby if she could get another dog he said, "NO!" What??? I can't believe he said no and I can't believe that she let him say no. Okay fine, what I really can't believe is that she asked. Just kidding, sis, I love you! Anyway, she told me about him and then sent me an email about him. I forwarded the email to Joel thinking he would say, "NO!" and talk me out of it but do you know what he did? He said, "I can't talk you out of something that I don't want to talk you out of." Then he asked, "Are you going to get him?" What? Wait! This isn't going how I planned, I'm not supposed to be falling in love with an obese 7 year old dog that is as cute as cute can be. I'm not supposed to be thinking that it's the right time for us to have another dog. I'm not supposed to be contacting the wonderful foster mom and asking questions about said dog. What is happening? On Friday, I told my sister to give me the weekend to think about it and that I would call her Monday to give her my final answer. Yup, called her that night and said we'd take him. Marilee, the foster mom was kind enough to keep fostering him for another two weeks. We were leaving for camping and then school was starting, I was afraid he wouldn't get the attention he needed the first couple days here if we went and got him immediately. Joel took the boys to the Tri-Cities to meet up with Marilee (she lives in Spokane) a couple weekends ago and picked up the newest member of our house. He has come in and stole all of our hearts and become a great addition to our pack. He is a 7 year old Corgi, crate trained, house broke, walks well on leash, etc. He has a bit of (whispering so he can't hear me as he sits by my side) weight issue. Figuring he has about 20 pounds to lose before he is a healthy weight and we are working hard on that. Okay, okay, without further ado, introducing...

Shooting Stars Hoodoo Shep
Shep is what we call him,
and Shep-a-doodle-doo,
and Chubba Bubba,
and sometimes Lo-Lo because my sister has a Pembroke Welsh Corgi too and he is really cute and his name is Lloyd but we call him Lo-Lo and we apparently forget that this is our dog and not hers.

This is me playing with my camera and newest subject for me to take pictures of!

He walks great on the leash, we all take turns walking him.

The boy likes his belly rubbed.
Go on, give it a good rubbing, he'll be your friend forever!

Nope, not cute at all!

Hahahaha! Silly dog!

We found that he likes to play soccer with the boys.

Such concentration, shouldn't be surprised by that at all, he is a shepherd after all.

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Amy said...

totally adorable post & Shep is the perfect addition to the Johnson fam!