Friday, September 17, 2010


Finally getting around to posting some camping pictures! Of course, I am going to mix things up and start on our last day and I will work my way back to the first day...just trying to keep you on your toes! We went back to Honeyman with the Pyryt family again this year, it really is a great high density campsite for families. Our trip started out wet! It was raining when we arrived, nothing like trying to set up camp in the rain - yuck! We quickly became tent city and hunkered down for a couple of days until the sun finally came out. We still managed to get in our walks, bike rides, Junior Ranger activities, trips to the dunes, trip to Hobbit Beach and lots of time around the campfire. On our last day, we packed up, took a few last minute pictures then headed out. We decided to stop at the Oregon Coast Aquarium on our way home. We also had one unexpected stop on the way to the aquarium!

My favorite picture of the Pyryt kids at the Needle.

One of the better family pics of us. I am either frustrated with Oliver or listening to Steph ask me a question about the camera.

We were headed towards the aquarium and just happened to be looking at the ocean. I saw something then said, "I think I just saw a whale!" Joel quickly turned the van around and pulled into a lookout point. We stood there and watched the whale spouts for a while. It was incredible.
The back of one of the whales.

A spout, this is what I saw from the car.

Love taking pictures of the jellyfish at the aquarium.



This boy is always good for a laugh.

Growing up so fast. Love my boys!

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