Monday, March 03, 2008

Aunty Soup

My sis-in-law, Su came to town this weekend to put on a few Premiere Designs Jewelry shows. Sorry if you missed them because it was fun!! Anyway, she was flying in on Friday at 11a.m. So I get Oliver dressed and tell him we are going to go get Aunty Su and he says, "Aunty Soup?" Close, Aunty Su, I repeat to him and you get to see lots of airplanes! "Aunty Soup on airpwane?" Yes, Aunty SU, is on the airplane, lets go get her. All the way to the airport, "Aunty Soup? Where are you Aunty Soup? Are you on the airpwane? Aunty Soup?" So guess what we called Aunty Su for the rest of the weekend? Yes, "Aunty Soup!" She loved it so much that her Mii on the Wii is named Aunty Soup.

Side note...Su will be back in June to visit and if you'd like to book a show with her I'm sure she'd be happy to work something out! The hostess rewards are GREAT!! Trust me, I know and will have tons of pretty jewelry to prove it soon! You can contact me or her by clicking on her blog link over to the right.

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The Montee's said...

I had so much fun!! Thanx for being such wonderful hosts. Can't wait for our next trip up.