Thursday, March 20, 2008

New Belt

Noah was awarded his next belt level tonight. As you can see, it's orange with a white stripe. Once he puts in a little more time he will be awarded his solid orange belt. Noah has done a lot of work to earn his belt advancement and we are very proud of him! He came home and immediately hung his white and gold belt up on his bedroom wall.

Mr. K congratulating Noah

The Class Picture


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Noah! I'm so proud of you.


grandma ricki said...

Noah, you are doing so well!! Congratulations on getting your new belt. I'm very proud of you! It takes a lot of work to get a new belt, and you are doing great!!

The Montee's said...

Good job Noah Wayne!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Noah!!!
from Great,Great Aunt Sue

Anonymous said...


Tiff, that 1st picture with Mr. K...Noah looks so mature! You can just imagine him shaking hands with...oh I dont know, the President or something!

Auntie Janet