Sunday, March 23, 2008

A Question and Other Stuff

You get exactly ONE guess to the next question...which plate/bowl of eggs belongs to Noah and which plate/bowl of eggs belongs to Oliver? I boiled eggs on Friday so that Gammy could help the boys decorate eggs that night while Joel and I went out with John and Steph. Well, I took a shower that afternoon and when I got out Oliver had decided to get a head start on the festivities. Still can't figure out which eggs go with which boy??? Take a look at the next picture...

Noah proudly showing off pretty eggs. Don't worry, Oliver still got to color a few of the whole eggs but Noah supervised closely! Notice that Noah is STILL holding onto his newly earned belt, he has not let it out of his sight.
Noah making sure that you know which eggs are his favorites.

  • I have some other stuff to post to the blog but some editing to the Kanthak School Demonstration video needs to be done and the pictures on the camera I left at Ben & Christie's still need to be downloaded first. Be sure to check back later for those posts.
  • We headed over to breakfast and an Easter egg hunt at Ben and Christie's this morning. Zach and Noah play so well together and have a lot of fun. So much fun that they almost forgot about the whole egg hunting thing. Their competitive natures all kicked in though once we started. Christopher, Christie's older boy is a God send and is constantly checking on and offering to go play with the younger boys. That young man is going to make a lot of baby-sitting money from me if he plays his cards right!
  • This afternoon I cooked a full turkey dinner and we now have a ton of leftovers! The Pyryts are stopping by soon and I'm hoping they will eat some or at least take some with them! Anyone in the mood for a turkey sandwich?
  • Lastly, my soap poll and RAK closes in about an hour! I am going to put every one's names into an Easter basket and have Noah pick out the winning names! I'll post the winners later tonight.

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The Montee's said...

sounds like you had a nice, relaxing Easter. I love Noah's favorite eggs...very pretty.