Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Contestants Are


I will announce the winner shortly after Noah gets home from school. I promised to let him pick the winner...

- I think I recognize the toy trailer, we may have one just like it!! And the quarter...finders keepers.

Thanks for the reminder! Mine wasn't so exciting, although the pen could have done some serious damage. The quarter actually made it past my initial sweep and came out of the washer squeaky clean. :)
Janet - seriously?? You've found all of this in your laundry? Wow! I'm impressed and need to know more about the bananas!
Candy - she submitted a story that I thought was funny...
You would think that 13 loads of laundry since this challenge started would have produced something... But not even one penny or rock. Guess I did a good job of training everyone to empty their pockets!!! So here is a story from about a month ago... Hopefully it will qualify!?!

When I had been sick, Jessica wanted to do something to help me feel better. So she asked Daddy to take her shopping for something to cheer me up. She bought me one of those packs of Kleenex to keep in my pocket. Like a good Mom, I put it in my pocket and forgot about it (Obviously, I need to retake the class myself on emptying out my pockets). They not only went through the washer, but the dryer before they opened sprawling the ENTIRE pack through the whole load. In case you ever wondered, Kleenex really does hold a ton of liquid without dissolving. It looked like it had snowed Kleenex sheets throughout the entire load.

GrandBob -
All I ever find in my laundry is a Kleenex I forgot to take out of a pocket and lint.

Grandma Ricki -
I never find anything fun in my laundry any more...maybe a coin I forgot I stuck in a pocket-that's about it...

Aunt Kelli -
This is so unfair.... I don't have Boys to leave things in pockets. I used to have to check my room mates pockets. That is after the inside of my dryer turned red from a pen. Sadly, no room mates, anymore. I'm with Ritter, just the occasional coin.

Shana - I should have guessed that you would have concrete in your laundry!
concrete chunks, tampon, band-aid, wrench and I think that was it for this week.

Stephanie - LOL!
john says he's too good at cleaning out the pockets for anything to get in our laundry, but i have a permanent marker to prove otherwise

Thank you to all of you for playing! It made laundry a little less painful this week.

Using leftover blue snowflake paper, names of contestants on back.

Noah says this is the winner!

I will send you your soap a.s.a.p.


Janet said...

Ok Tiff..I have to confess...I dont have boys either & I dont do the girls laundry & the only thing that Duane & I leave in our pockets is change, chapstick & his mints. B O R I N G !!!!! So Madi had to make our pile more exciting. She got carried away, & then so did I. since I figured it was a random drawing we just had to have some fun. We couldnt figure out how to get the dog in the pile...or he would have been in the picture too! ; )

Shana said...

Janet - that is so funny! I love it!

Anonymous said...

WOW - I won? Hard to believe because I didn't consider my meandering to even be an entry.

But if you think I'm going to give away Tiffany's homemeade soap - well, YOU'RE WRONG!

Thank you - and did I mention, THANK YOU!


Queen of Qwerk said...

Blueberries - I remember Blueberries. I am coming in late to the laundry game but had to share this. When we lived in Eagle Creek, my laundry was in the garage. One day the kids came running in and exclaimed "Mom,there are blueberries all over the laundry!!!" As we all head to the garage to check it out they add...
and there is a goat in the garage too! Well, the blueberries were goat turds, laundry was scattered about and the goat was on the car.
Word of advice-don't ever try to PULL a goat. They only move when they want. The scratches on the car hood proved that. The neighbor eventually got his goat back!!