Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Quick Visit

Pop and H came to visit us this past weekend, I only got one picture of them (what was I thinking?) and it only shows them from the back! You can't even see their faces. The visit was short but we are glad they stopped by to see us. We took them up to the garden and showed them around a bit. While up there they took off with the boys to explore and play while Joel and I watered a bit. I had my camera hanging around my neck so I snapped a few shots when I had the chance. Nothing too fancy but spring is definitely here and I'm loving it!

This bee buzzed in just as I was taking the picture.

The pond is beautiful, look how much things have grown.

This dogwood was spectacular about a week ago.

This dogwood tree is HUGE, I was standing under it and the branches were cascading down around me. Honestly, probably one of the tallest dogwood trees I've seen.

Wouldn't it be fun to build a tree house waaaaay up there?

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Janet said... need to enter the pic with the bee at the state or county fair! SOOO COOL! & i love the pic of the moss covered tree AS WELL! FRAMEABLE!!