Monday, May 11, 2009


Don't forget to send me your picture(s) or list(s) of things found in your laundry for a chance to win some soap...
I will pick the winner tomorrow afternoon and announce it tomorrow night.


Janet said...

I'M ON IT!! Just sent you our pic!

Wrights13 said...

You would think that 13 loads of laundry since this challenge started would have produced something... But not even one penny or rock. Guess I did a good job of training everyone to empty their pockets!!! So here is a story from about a month ago... Hopefully it will qualify!?!

When I had been sick, Jessica wanted to do something to help me feel better. So she asked Daddy to take her shopping for something to cheer me up. She bought me one of those packs of Kleenex to keep in my pocket. Like a good Mom, I put it in my pocket and forgot about it (Obviously, I need to retake the class myself on emptying out my pockets). They not only went through the washer, but the dryer before they opened sprawling the ENTIRE pack through the whole load. In case you ever wondered, Kleenex really does hold a ton of liquid without dissolving. It looked like it had snowed Kleenex sheets throughout the entire load.