Monday, May 11, 2009

Oliver is Not The Orkin Man

This is how the conversation went...

MOM! I NEED some crackers, right now.
How would a boy needing crackers ask if he had manners?
(said reluctantly) I NEED crackers now....puh-lease??
What kind of crackers would you like?
Crackers! Please! Just crackers, please!
How about some bunny crackers?
Sure, yeah, yeah bunny crackers.

I hand him a handful crackers and before I could reach for a bowl to put a few more into Oliver bolts out the back door and returns within seconds...

I NEED more crackers!
What did you just do with the handful I gave you?
(said proudly) Gave them to the ants, they are very nice and very hungry. They are our friends.

I gave him a few more crackers and say with hesitation...

Ohhh, you're feeding the ants?
Yeah! And they are eating the crackers, come see!

The feast provided by Oliver.
Let's hope they appreciate the meal and stay outside.

Very happy that the ants are now happy and eating.

Poor little bunny on the picture, can you see the ant?
Oliver would scream, "THERE HE IS!" every time he saw an ant carrying away another piece of cracker. We talked about where they were taking the cracker and how it would feed many ants.


Janet said...

This was great Tiff!! Ollie what a nice thing for you to do! & I love the ant in the last picture...hauling off his dinner!

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, I hope this chums the little dudes into staying outside. Someday I will tell you about my new place and the War Of The Crickets!
Kind of cute though watching Ollie feed the ants.


Elite Stitches said...

I bet those ants loved the crackers! And what fat ants you're going to have...And Bob- understand about the War of the Crickets!! We've gone through it here in Surprise, too...they win!
Grandma Ricki

Anonymous said...

can't kill a crickey...bad Karma...
but ants??? I'm not sure !!!
Auntie K.