Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 60th Uncle Tom!

On Saturday we drove up to Olympia to celebrate my Uncle Tom's 60th birthday. It was nice to see everyone. We were fed well, the kids were entertained with the two pools & each other and we all got to sit around, chat and catch up. My Uncle Tom is a great guy - Happy Birthday!

The birthday boy.
Margene and my mom, Mauricia.

Gammy and Trevor

Ron taking a picture of me taking a picture of him - must be at least one of those pictures at every party!

This is Aidan, he loved taking pictures, even borrowed my camera for a few minutes, but that is for another post.

Tom's brother, Mike and Tom.

Mike, Margene, Carroll, Mauricia and Tom

Shana, Carroll, Michelle and Karly


Anonymous said...

How very cool to see everyone, and see that all are doing well. Thank you for sharing the great collection of family photos.


Queen of Qwerk said...

What wonderful pictures Tiffany!
I love them all!