Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Lupin or is it Lupine

The spelling, apparently, depends on where you live and since I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest I'm going with Lupine. While watering and weeding our community garden, (check out the latest post here) I took a break, grabbed my camera and snapped some pictures of the few Lupine in the field. Around here you can come across massive fields of these beauties ranging from near white to a deep attention grabbing purple. Today there were just a few scattered about and they were of the light purple variety...

Lupine, no matter how you look at it, is pretty.

Look up at it from down below - pretty.

Look down on it from up above - pretty.

Well hello Mr. Bee!
I bet you think it's pretty too.

Look at all of that pollen on his legs.


Elite Stitches said...

Love the bee...how'd you get him to fly in just as you were taking pictures??

Johnson Family said...

I saw him on a nearby plant so I chased him down. He was so focused on his job though it wasn't tough.