Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I try really hard to NOT be one of those parents that think their children should be seen and not heard. I often have some amazing conversations with my boys. Some make me cry, some make me think and some make me laugh. However, there are days when I wonder what on earth is going on in their heads and if they just have to spew it all out before they explode. I sometimes just have to ask for a minute or two to catch up and give my own brain a rest. For example, we went to see Joel for lunch today and on our way home, a mere 13 miles/20 minutes this is just a smidgen of what Noah chattered on about:
  • ...his friend likes coffee, really likes coffee, but not black like I drink it, he puts something else into it but he can't remember what and will have to ask him later and let me know. But when he drinks coffee he gets all excited, how come I don't get excited when I drink coffee?
  • ...Pokemon is a lot like Yugioh in the sense that you battle with cards and each card or character has it's own strengths, weaknesses and attributes. (This was followed by a brief run down of a few characters from each.)
  • ...he wonders why people have to lie, he understands that he doesn't have to answer the questions if the answer will hurt their feelings but he isn't going to lie because that is just wrong. Why would people lie if they were selling you stuff (this was after I mentioned that some people don't always disclose their vehicles full past when selling cars) because he wouldn't like that at all.
  • the clouds on a cloudy, possible thunderstorm day like today here on Earth look like the clouds that surround the planet Venus and prevent us from seeing it's landscape. Wouldn't it be cool to see what Venus looked like.
  • ...hey did you know that in the Ripley's book he was reading he read about a guy who was killed by lightning THEN his gravestone was destroyed not once but twice by lightning. He suspects that God was really really really not happy with him.
  • ...Mr. Hurst, his music teacher, let the kids listen to this really fun Music Rocks song today but Mr. Hurst was worried that he would have that song stuck in his head for at least the rest of the day if not the rest of the week.
  • ...Sure glad he got to go have lunch with dad because he only had yogurt, apple juice, fruit and milk at school for lunch. Which may sound like a lot but it really isn't because he was really hungry still.
  • ...why do people have growing pains, you HAVE to grow right, so why does it have to be painful. That just seems silly and shouldn't happen to people. He doesn't like it when people hurt when they do something like just grow.
  • ...Austin couldn't talk yesterday because of his allergies, he is allergic to all sorts of pollen, so we played charades instead. Did you know that charades are hard to play when riding your bike? Well they are but we still did it. Is Jackson allergic to anything?
  • ...when I grow up I still want to be an engineer at the dam but I'd also like to design a car that runs on water. Wouldn't that be cool, then you could just fill up your car from your garden hose and be on your way. Of course you'd have to know where all the hoses are on long trips but still, it would be cheaper than gas.
  • ...the Columbia is a really big river (as we drove over the bridge) I bet there are a lot of streams that feed the Columbia and maybe a lake or two. If there was only one stream then it would probably be a HUGE stream and just be a part of the river. Hey how do fish find their way back to the place that they were hatched. Did you know that they do that? Hatch, swim to the ocean, grow up some, swim back to the place they were born and it starts all over again. Well, unless they are eaten by a bear then they don't make it.
  • ...did you know that my friends are going to go to their cousins graduation party tonight. They are. Really.
Honestly, this is not all of it, I can't remember it all. The boy just has days that it doesn't stop and to be honest, it's exhausting at times. I often find myself two or three topics behind trying to catch up and that usually ends up in me busting up and laughing. The funny thing is, that usually doesn't slow him down but for a second or two. Usually looks at me, says, "What?" then goes back to his brain purge.


Wrights13 said...

We should get Jessica and Noah together alone in a room and see if we can get a moments peace. :)

Suz... said...

this took me almost an hour to!

Elite Stitches said...

Oh My!!! Still reeling...that is so funny!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely classic, expect to hear it on the show tomorrow. Too good not to share.


Amy said...

Noah my hats off to you dear . . . from one gabby fart to another. I am amazed you could recall this much Tiff. On a serious note, Noah is an amazing little person. I am excited to see what he does in life - for it is sure to be brilliant!!

Anonymous said...

A Spinning Top' that one is... His mind works in so many directions at once. To many thoughts to keep to himself. Glad he has you to spin off on. !!!! You capture and keep his thoughts so well. A bit mind boggling for the average person. You aren't average there, Mom ...Well above... good thing for him, cause he needs minds like yours and Joel's to keep him stimulated !!!! {;-) Auntie K.