Saturday, June 06, 2009

Welcome Home

My mom was down in Texas working with FEMA since November and she came home Friday. Oliver and I decided to go meet her at the airport to welcome her home. Since MAX now has a line that goes directly to the airport, I decided to make a little boys day and ride the train to the airport. MAX trains, airplanes and a Gammy he hasn't seen in a while - woohoo!! Of course, I took my camera along for the ride...

Screamed while jumping up and down and nearly falling off the curb.

Checking the train out and deciding where to sit.
He wanted to know what the accordion sides and circle on the floor were for.

I no longer existed once the train started to move.

Checking out the planes in the waiting area.

Charlie and I didn't exist at this point, to either of them.

Finally got her to look up from Oliver while he was checking out the piece of gum she gave him.
Wait, what is Charlie doing???

NICE! Way to root through the purse and look for treasure while she is distracted with one of her grand kids. I admire and respect that move.

Said our hellos and goodbyes then got back onto the train.
It was empty until just before departure so he got to play around some.
On the way back to our car at the Gateway station, Oliver decided that he was going to be a big boy and sit by himself two rows in front of me. Just before leaving the airport an elderly gentleman sat in the row in front of Oliver. The two of them immediately hit it off and talked the entire way back. I just sat back and watched as the two had a grand time getting to know each other. Seriously, they both had smiles the size of Texas. I was tempted to take some pictures but didn't want to interrupt. Just before we got to our stop the gentleman dug through his pockets and gave Oliver, what I am guessing to be, one of the few coins that he had. Oliver was ecstatic that he not only found a penny while talking to his new friend but then received a nickel FROM him too. As we were departing, Oliver said, "Bye. Have fun on your train ride, love you!" and the gentleman turned to me and said, "thank you." I just nodded and got off the train...


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a grand day for a little guy. I remember back in the 1940s riding the Pacific Electric Red Cars (look it up) from Glendale into downtown L.A. to go shopping at the May Company. I was 5 or 6 then. It was always an adventure (in my little kid mind), so in some ways I can relate to what Ollie must have felt. I'm glad Mauricia's back home and I loved the shot of Charlie cecking out her purse - too funny.
Love you all. GrandBob

Anonymous said...


You are the kind of Mom I want to be.....What a fun day.


Elite Stitches said...

Welcome home, Mauricia!! Looks like Oliver had just the best day! And Charlie, you are SSSOOO busted!