Thursday, June 25, 2009


We went to the Wildwood Recreation Site in Welches OR yesterday. I can't believe that I've lived here all my life and never been here. It is a GREAT place to spend the day with your family. Lots of walking trails, biking trails, picnic areas, play areas, etc. My main focus for the day was the Cascade Streamwatch trail that runs alongside the Salmon River. Lots of educational stuff along the way and a nice easy hike/walk for the kids.

Jackson, Noah and Oliver standing at trail head.
The path zig zagged through the beautiful forest. This forest was logged long ago and you can see LARGE cedar tree stumps all over the forest floor.

Lots of little paths jut off of the main path and lead to little places like this. Did I mention that it was a beautiful day to be up in the mountain exploring?

This old stump intrigued me with the roots of the other tree wrapped up and around it.

They built this fish viewing area right into a smaller stream that jutted off to the side of the Salmon River. It was great! Lots for the kids to see and lots of information for them to read. They saw all sorts of little fish, snails, debris, etc. Of course, their favorite part was the squeegee that the park provides for them to clean the foggy dew off of the windows.

View from another area that we spent a lot of time at. There was a pretty big beach area for the boys to explore, throw rocks and, despite my pleas, get a little bit wet.

Noah "not" getting wet.

Oliver "not" getting wet.

and Jackson "not" getting wet.

The three amigos.

After the walk we went over to the large picnic area and had lunch. I am sure that the park is much busier on the weekends but we were just one of three families in this area. It was very peaceful.

They played for a while after lunch.


Amy said...

Hey Tiff were you guys able to cross the big bridge (by foot) & discover the wetlands - the wooden boardwalk area? If not, I guarantee they will love that loop as well. I love love love wildwood.

Johnson Family said...

We did not have time to get over to the wetlands, but we plan on going back again this summer. The boys and I both loved it! Sorry you couldn't join us.

Elite Stitches said...

What a great place! Something for everyone...and the weather looks wonderful!