Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Boys + Coffee = Disaster

SOOOOO after a long morning of fighting and getting in trouble and by long morning I mean by 930 a.m., it was time for me to go take a shower and get ready to go. I gave the boys VERY specific instructions about not fighting, leaving each other alone and to get dressed and ready to ready with shoes on by the time I got out of the shower. Immediately, I knew something was up when I found Noah HELPING his little brother get ready. Around the corner, into the kitchen and the baby/dog gate was up. Why is the gate up? There on the floor was my coffee mug, shattered all over the floor, then I see laptop, with coffee dripping through it, onto the desk and onto the floor. My laptop is no more or at least not what it used to be. Joel came home from class and removed the memory and hard drive and, fortunately, they didn't seem to have any moisture on them. He has tried to re-boot the computer and it's trying, it really is. We have to buy/borrow a USB keyboard (laptop keyboard is a total loss), plug the hard drive and memory back in and see if we can recover everything. Wish us luck, well wish Joel luck because that's his specialty.

Long story short, my blog posts may be a bit sparse until I get things moved, transferred, up and running, etc.


Anonymous said...

Whew! What a mess. Hopefully, Joel-the-Computer-Guy can recover everything. If not perhaps a 'puter guru (no offense Joel) can at least pull the info off the hard drive for you.

Good luck!


Amy said...

That stinks Tiffany! Sorry that happened. :-( Hope Joel can recover & save all your data. I can really only think of 1 other accident our kids can have that would be worst, and that would involve "playing with matches". Not trying to make light of the situation but suck as it may, it could truly be worst. I know you know this.

Elite Stitches said...

Luckily you happen to live with a computer genius!! And that fact just may be what saves those boys from a future of banishment to their room until they graduate from college...

Anonymous said...

That's horrible. I'm so sorry. I love how the kids (and I'm thinking of my own experiences here:) learn to be careful and helpful, AFTER they destroy something:)

Good luck. I hope it's up and going again soon.


Johnson Family said...

Oh, I completely understand I knew that something was up as soon as I got out of the shower because Noah was HELPING his little brother!!! I just didn't realize how bad that something!