Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Oliver's LIttle Party

We had just a few family members over on Sunday night for pizza, cake and ice cream. I asked Oliver what he wanted for a cake and his reply was something that would end up over on the Cake Wrecks blog, but hey, he's 4 so he got what he wanted...cupcakes with lots and lots of sprinkles! And he doesn't discriminate against ANY sprinkles, all colors, shapes and holiday inspired sprinkles were welcome! Oliver helped with the baking and he and Noah decorated.
You all saw the birthday outfit on the previous, you can see, he's added the black socks and a Ninja headband by now.
Happy to be opening his presents and getting new Playdoh.

Thank you GrandPop and Grandma Heidi!!
He loves his Jetfire Transformer!

Cars from the Pyryt Family and they came in the most adorable reusable bag!

It's yellow and it's Legos!
Thanks Grampa Jerry and Gramma Lavelle!

And this showed up in the mail yesterday...
"GATOR GOLF!!! Just what I wanted!"
Thanks Grandma Ricki, Auntie Su and Cousins Bre & Brandon!!!
He also got his annual contribution from Gammy for his college fund, a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble from Uncle Ben, and a few Hot Wheels gifts from us. Noah went to an incredible museum with Joel this weekend and got Oliver a really cool rock too. He is a lucky boy to have so many that love him. I will be bringing him and a couple of his friends from preschool to Kids Club Fun & Fitness on Friday to finish off, what has turned into, his birthday week!

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