Monday, November 16, 2009

He's Bigger Now!


I spent all morning hearing things like, "is my toothbrush four now too? What about my clothes? Are they bigger and four? Is my booster seat four? My milk tastes bigger, it must be four too!" Everything that is his, is now four. Gammy, Grandpa Jerry and the Pyryt Family came over last night for pizza and cupcakes (will post those pictures later). Friday I will be taking Oliver and a few of his friends from school to Kids Club Fun and Fitness to play.

I'm proud to be Oliver's mom-mom, the kid can frustrate me and push all of my buttons but he can also make me laugh like no other kid. He is a fun-loving spirited kid that loves life and anyone willing to be a part of his. Happy Birthday Ollie Al, we love you very much!

My baby Ollie.

My little one year old outlaw.

Happy to be 2!

Giving a thumbs up to turning 3.
I told Oliver to go put some clean clothes on because company would be arriving soon for his 4th birthday pizza dinner. He came out wearing this, he later added a pair of black socks to complete the ensemble. Ear protection, sunglasses, swim goggles, swim trunks, hammer, power saw, kaleidoscope and another hammer...perfect! No, I did not make him change, it was his birthday, not mine.
Happy Birthday crack me up!


Anonymous said...

HAPPPPPPEEEEEEEEE BIRTHDAY, OLLIE! And your "dress-up" for the party was perfect!


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful boy, every step of the way! Happy Birthday Ollie and Mommy and Daddy:)


Suz... said...

Happy Birthday, Ollie!!! Now keep riding your mom for that trip to Chuck E. Cheese! ;)

Elite Stitches said...

What a snappy dresser! Love your birthday dinner outfit! It looks you had lots of fun!! Happy Birthday Little Man!! Love you! Grandma Ricki