Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

I hope everyone had a safe, fun and candy filled Halloween! Our Halloween started Friday night with the annual Kanthak Karate Halloween Party. This party is always a ton of fun, the families do a great job of participating and making it a great night for the school. Oliver (see previous post) decided to fall off of the swing after the party and fracture his left arm, but it's not a horrible fracture and he should heal up fast and well. We carved pumpkins on Saturday afternoon, well the boys did, I tend to hang back, watch and take pictures. My hands don't like pumpkin guts. After getting all dressed up the boys headed over to a neighbors house for a pre trick-or-treat party then headed out for the night. Noah took off with a group of older kids (parents too) and stayed out for a good 2+ hours. Oliver and dad hung back with another group of parents and younger kids and stayed out for about an hour or so. They scored a TON of candy and ate way too much before heading off to bed.

Mr. K and Mr. B with the boys at the party.
They always make time to pose with their students.

Noah deciding which pattern he wants to use this year.
I always head out the day after Halloween and pick up pattern books and other Halloween stuff at 50% off. It goes in the storage bin for next year.

Hard at work!

Got pumpkin guts?

Oliver's Pumpkin

Noah's Pumpkin

All dressed up and ready to go.

Oliver said, "Look! Halloween butt!"

Oliver's loot and Dad trying to steal a piece. I failed to get a picture of Noah's pile of goodies but I can tell you he got a lot. At least four times this much.

Tuckered out!
Thank goodness he has Route 66 Bear to keep him company and help elevate his arm.


Suz... said...

looks like the boys had a great time. Ollie is such a sweet sleeper.

The Pyryt Nest said...

Chicken Mittens doesn't like to touch pumpkin guts?!! That is so funny! Glad the boys had a fun Halloween!

Shana said...

Chicken Mittens! I love it!

The pumpkin guts is the same for me. So it must be a family thing!

Elite Stitches said...

Great pictures! Just noticed the 'peace sign' Noah did over Ollie's head in the Kanthak party picture with Mr. K & Mr. B...too funny! Looks like despite a broken arm, you had a great weekend!