Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hall-OW-ween!

We went to the annual Halloween party put on by the karate school last night. Joel and I were helping clean up post party so the boys went out to play on the swings. Short while later, the boys reappeared, Noah lecturing Oliver and Oliver crying. Turns out that Oliver either fell out of the swing or tried to jump out of the swing (both done many times before) and landed hard on his arm/shoulder/face. It wasn't swollen or bruised just sore so we iced it off and on last night. Oliver woke up crying saying that his arm still hurt, after some probing and poking I narrowed it down to a small but VERY sore spot on his arm just above his wrist. I talked with Joel and we decided to go ahead and bring him into the same day clinic. Xrays show that he does indeed have a small fracture, in one of his bones, just above the wrist. It is just splinted for the weekend with the possibility of a cast later. Tylenol, if necessary, to help with the pain, ice, elevated arm and rest are in order today.


Anonymous said...

Bummer, Ollie, but just think, you've got something really cool to show the kids at school! See, there's an upside to everything.
Now, I want you to be more cautious in the future and be careful with your splint so that little break can heal well.


Queen of Qwerk said...

Ollie, it will heal fast. Gammy broke her left arm too a long time ago! Lots of hugs and kisses!

Shana said...

Ollie, Gammy broke her arm before x-rays were invented! HAHA! Just kidding Gammy. Anyway, hang in there little buddy, it will heal with lots of candy! =)