Sunday, October 04, 2009

Post for the Boys

I know quite a few boys that love trains (and other big vehicles) and on our hike yesterday we got to experience something really fun! There is a bridge that you cross to get into the park, it's a short but very tall bridge that goes up and over the TRAIN TRACKS! Just as we were heading into the park we heard the whistle of the train, we waited and WOW! what an exciting thing to feel and hear. We hiked, headed back out and luckily, got to see/feel/hear another train. I wish that you could feel what we did while watching the videos, guess you'll just have to visit the train bridge with us next time.


Anonymous said...

How cool is it to stand above a rushing train and to hear it whooshing and clanking beneath you? Answer: IT IS ONE OF THE COOLEST THINGS IN THE WORLD!
What a great experience - what a cacophony of sounds -what a wonderful set of parents that allow you to enjoy such things.

Your weekend and weekday jaunts are always fascinating.


Amy said...

My kids loved watching this Tiff. Thanks for sharing. I would love to take them sometime! There is 2 things we miss on the mtn - airplanes & trains. The only aircraft we notice up here is the occasional lifeflight (which is always sad).

Queen of Qwerk said...

What is it about trains that make us just stand in awe? It is not just their size and power but, for me, where did they come from and where are they going. They migrate through congested cites and then spend endless hours alone out on the great plains-with train robbers on horseback chasing them with guns a blazin'!
Sooooo cool!