Friday, October 16, 2009

Lego Rover

Here is a video of Noah explaining his newest Lego creation...let me just say that this kid can come up with some pretty cool stuff. This is a small, not very complicated creation because I gave the boys about 3 minutes to put something together before I would come in and judge their creations.

Then the boys decided to make themselves some Lego bling.
I found this quite amusing.


Anonymous said...

So you think you're pretty smart hey? I do too. It probably won't be long, you'll be programming robots to do what rover can do and much more. Keep thinking young man, you're very good at it.

Love You,
Grandpa Bruce

Anonymous said...

"Rover" - how appropriate. Noah never fails to amaze me at how his mind works. Great design and concept. I think we may have another engineer in the family.


Queen of Qwerk said...

Noah Wayne Johnson is the ONLY person I know that can pick up one small piece of a Lego and tell you what it belongs to and how to use it! And this is a piece that he has plucked out of a pile of Lego pieces that probably numbers around a thousand!! Noah, how do you do it?? Love the Lego bling!!
I am still laughing at Ollie's "Hello-OK-goodbye" Lego Telephone demo!