Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Trevor and Lloyd

My sis was down here dropping some horses off, she detoured off of I-205 just long enough to drop Trevor and Lloyd off at our house. The boys had a great time this weekend. They were exhausted by Sunday afternoon...

Quick trip to the train park to burn off some energy.
I yelled at them like they were in trouble and took a picture really fast.
They didn't find it at amusing as I did.
Lloyd, Oliver and I hung back here while Trevor and Noah ran up as close as I would let them. I'm sure they were scheming a way onto that train.

Oh, there you are Lo-lo.

The boys go marching three by three, hurrah, hurrah!

If you can't swim like a salmon then you run!
Bunny Butt


Anonymous said...

I love the "What'd we do?" shot. Good one Mom!


Shana said...

That is one cute dog you have there! HEHE!

I figured that with as exhausted as Trevor was that he would sleep on the way home, nope not a wink, talked the whole way about how much fun he had. Thanks so much!

Queen of Qwerk said...

That "You are in trouble" shot is hilarious! And, a pretty good one, BTW!
Lloyd sure is cute too!