Sunday, October 11, 2009


My sister and her boy, Trevor hadn't been to the zoo in quite a while. Shana brought some horses back to Oregon this weekend and dropped Trevor off on her way through. I suggested a trip to the zoo before they headed back home and they agreed! I called my friend, Amy, who is a zookeeper at the Oregon Zoo and she agreed to meet up with us and let us see a couple of the animals up close and personal. My brother, Ben also joined us today, it was a really nice day and fun to get us all together.

Here we all are, crammed around the little window, saying hi to Akeem. He was a bit unsure having all 8 of us standing there staring at him but he still managed to grab a few treats. It was fun to climb up the stairs and see him at eye level.
Tiff, Ollie, Noah, Trevor, Ben and Amy...I could have stayed there for quite a while just staring at that TALL creature.

We then got to go see Judi the Agouti, Amy fed her a few grapes while the boys got to pet her. Judi is getting up there in age and can't see very well, the smell of the grapes kept her close.

We let the boys feed the Lorikeets again today.

Somehow, I manged to get this shot of the three of them, all looking at me and all not making goofy faces. It was a chilly, sunny, fun day at the zoo today.

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