Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Illahee Walk-A-Thon

The annual Illahee Walk-A-Thon is back! The money raised will directly benefit the school - paying for field trips, art discovery, playground equipment, passport club and many many more. Pledges can be collected until 11/4/09. If you would like to sponsor Noah during this fundraiser please email me or leave me a comment. You can sponsor per lap or make a flat donation.

On a side note, I would just like to say that I LOVE Noah's school. They have some incredible programs and great sense of community. The PTA works very hard at making sure these programs are not cut due to budget constraints.

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Queen of Qwerk said...

Sis, Tell Noah I am in for $20 flat fee. I am sure he will be much happier with that than a card holder for his game ;D