Sunday, October 04, 2009

Ridgefiled National Wildlife Complex

Ridgefield WA was our destination yesterday, there is a Wildlife Refuge up there that we've never been to. Silly really since we live all of 20 minutes away. A huge beautiful complex right in our backyard and it took us how many years to check it out? We hiked the Oaks to Wetlands trail then drove the River 'S' Unit after (pictures and more on that in an upcoming post). Anyway, it was a beautiful, partly cloudy day so off we went to explore and hike.

The oak trees were massive. I know oak trees get old, large and gnarly but with all of the development going on around here you just don't see these giants much anymore. Out of sight, out of was nice to see them again.

Boot Lake, you can only get to this lake during certain times of the year. With the rains starting back up, you won't be able to get here much longer.

Oliver found a stick, then decided to stab and collect leaves along the trails.


See beautiful blue skies with a few clouds here and there, for our hike.

Coolest oak tree. It was huge. Noah was planning out his tree house.

The boys climbing on the above tree. I caught the rare moment when Noah offered his little brother a helping hand.

I just want to live here. Think they'd let me?

This is a replica of a plank house that they built at the beginning of the hiking trail. I saved those pictures for another post.

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