Saturday, October 24, 2009

Brandon Turns 4!!

Happy Birthday Brandon!
We love you very much and wish we could have been there for your party.

Noah heard you liked dinosaurs so he drew you this card...

These will be late because Auntie Tiff wasn't feeling well this week but they will be mailed on you something to look forward to.


Amy said...

Oh wow Auntie Tiff - I hope my nieces & nephews dont somehow link to your blog from my blog & realize how much you are spoiling your nephew Brandon w/ all these splendid gifts! Sheesh! Lucky lil' nephew you have there. LOL
(that is your middle name right?)

Suz... said...

thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Brandon Pre had so much fun opening the presents from you...and Bre was surprised to find one for her, too! The bike helmet is black like mom's...which is splendid for the little guy and he and grandma decorated it w/ the dinosaur stickers you sent. I will take some pics w/ him wearing it so you can see how he "designed" his helmet. Thank you, again, you are the best!!!

Suz... said...

P.S. the card was great, Noah...Brandon loved that it was a t-rex!!!