Sunday, May 04, 2008


Every year my sister and her family head down to the fair grounds in Albany to show their and TK's, horses. Oliver and I went down to watch some of the classes and just hang out for the day. They did good and you will have to check Shana's blog over the next couple of days to find out exactly how they placed. I even got to ride at the end of the day and Oliver decided, after a day of not wanting to that getting up there on that big horse, to give it a try with mom. He did really well, but sadly, the three cameras that we had between us were no where close so we didn't get any pictures of that. He held on tight to the saddle horn at first but quickly realized that if he held the reins that he could steer Beni! So the rest of the ride was him saying, "I try it! I steer Beni!" Here are just a few pictures from the day...

Trevor standing next to Pistol...the mini with a draft horse size attitude.
Ron showing Pistol
Ron showing Rubi
Beautiful, Sweet Beni
Shana showing Beni
Truck & trailer, where we all hung out when not playing with the horses.

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