Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I Was Just Standing There!

I was standing there, at my kitchen sink minding my own business when I saw these two hooligans wander past. I really shouldn't be seeing two dogs walk past my window so it was a bit of a shock. My first thought was to just ignore them, finish my had washing and head to the store as planned but I just couldn't do it. Our dogs had gotten out a few times and when we got the call from the finder we were always relieved and very grateful. So for the rest of the day, until their mommy came and got them Koda and Max stayed to play. As you can see by the pictures, especially the last one of Max, they made themselves right at home. They ended up being two very well behaved and sweet dogs that both my boys enjoyed playing with for a while.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how sweet! We have a black & white siberian husky. He's great. And what an awesome person to take someone elses dogs into their home...to help with the dishes!! ; ) GOOD SAMARITAN AWARD TO YOU!!

Auntie Janet