Sunday, May 11, 2008

BTL for the Ladies!

As I mentioned in the above post, we went to a burn to learn in Boring, OR yesterday. I grew up with the fire department as just another part of my life. I was excited when they got new rigs, followed the progress of new stations and additions to the old ones, I could tell which station, Damascus, Boring, Eagle Creek, etc., was going to be called out by the tone coming across my dad's pager. I learned to read maps and find my way around my hometown because we had a department issued map hanging in our family room and I worried about all of the volunteers no matter what kind of call they were headed out to.

So with that being said, I also developed a healthy or some may say not so healthy infatuation with firemen. There is something about those guys that's just, well how should I put this? They're just hot! Seriously, there are cute guys and then there are cute guys in fire fighting gear that can make a girl go weak in the knees.

And come on ladies, what is not to love about an abandoned pair of boots and pants?? What did the guy look like that stepped out those? Go on dream a little...and do you know what makes these even hotter?
When you see that not only are the boots and pants sitting there without their owner but the coat is hanging right there, on the truck too! Who knows what or who you'd find inside that truck!
Even when the pants are not left abandoned and find their way onto a fire fighter...they look cute, don't argue with me ladies, you know they do! And ohhh those suspenders, I've got to stop now or I'm going to get myself in trouble...

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Karen King said...

You are hysterical girlie.