Friday, May 30, 2008

If it isn't flood poles then

It's BIG TRUCKS!! There is a viewpoint just up from SR-14, off of 192nd Ave. that we rode our bike to tonight. It's another one of those places that we've seen but never stopped - until today. The view was impressive but, sadly, there was a lot of broken glass, garbage and graffiti. Despite what I was seeing, Oliver was focusing in on the big trucks! Trees, river, road, beautiful sky, quarry, etc. and it's all about the big trucks. Look close and you can see them in the middle-ish of the first picture but I promised Ollie I would take a picture of the big trucks for him so you can see them much better after I utilized my zoom. The last picture is of Daddy sneaking in a kiss while some little man is distracted by big brother.


The Montee's said...

"we, we go there 'morrow!" says Brandon. It looks like you guys are having some stellar weather!!!

Shana said...

Ollie needs to come see Aunt Nana and get up close and personal in the Big Trucks. We finally moved into our new office building so the shop is now at my office so there is a crap load of equipment that he could tour! I will try to take some pictures for him on Monday of all the big boy toys!