Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sturgeon Festival

Back, once again, to the Water Resources Center but this time it was for the Sturgeon Festival. Information for just about every activity related to water for the taking and many activities for the kids. There was an animal lady there with parrots and a possum and another wildlife person with a hawk, screech owl, snake and chinchilla. Puppet shows, fish dissections, photo contests and crafts were scattered about the building. The boys had fun and keep asking if we can go back today.

Here they are taking turns at the safety rope toss, they got a sticker and certificate after answering some safety questions.
Row row row your cool fishing/wading boat that they got to play on and around. Oliver kept demanding that the boat be put in the fountain. "Boat in water, not on ground!"

What kid doesn't love to paint? They each got to paint a "fish scale" then hang it on the large salmon that they had. I'm tempted to go back today and see it all covered, not many scales on the fish yet when we were done.


The Montee's said...

I love the fish scales the boys made. How fun! Hope there is sunscreen on that little boys head. :)

Anonymous said...

Silly people- everybody knows boats belong in the water...